A few cheap sofas that look 5 times their price!

Small budgets looking for a cheap sofa AND in the spirit of the times have fallen to the right place! Cheap velvet sofa, cheap convertible sofa, cheap retro sofa, cheap corner sofa, there is something for every taste and every setting… Shopping for a universal piece of furniture, undisputed star of the living room.

And low prices do not necessarily mean low style. On the contrary, many cheap decoration shops nowadays offer models in the spirit of the times. While the main trend is velvet (a major comeback of the Art Deco style) and green, blue and pink shades, the linen models with sanded shades remain undeniably chic basics. The grey sofa, a great classic, loses none of its beauty and will bring its contemporary touch if combined with modern elements, or its Scandinavian style if it flirts with wood and light colours… Those who prefer a cheap basic sofa will think of the decorative cushion, a very affordable accessory allowing you to upgrade your seat and easily change it.

As for the layout, the inexpensive sofas can be used in any space. Convertible or fixed, straight or corner, the collections are complete and completely adapted to small and large interiors.

Discover cheap sofas, at less than 700 €, which have everything to please.